GameZap was born in 2011 as a private initiative; we’re an information technology solutions provider based in Milan, Italy.
We’re specializing in the design and development of custom mobile applications and we produce iOS applications because we love the iPhone!

Whether working on another best selling in-house application or your own specially commissioned design, GameZap delivers finely tuned end products built to professional standards.

You can find some of our products at the App Store

There’s nothing we like better than talking to bloggers and press (we’re a small company, so we need all the help we can get). Please contact us if you’d like a chat or if you need images for app reviews. Feel free to use every information available here on your blog or news site. Promo codes are also available for reviewers (please keep in mind that we have a very limited amount of codes).
Thanks for listening.

Turn your idea into an iPhone or iPad application!